About Bohemian Farm

I am the third generation to live on this family land in Paris, Arkansas.  Located in The River Valley, nestled between the Boston and Ozark Mountains, Paris is home to Mt. Magazine and is the highest point in Arkansas.

My farm is named after a true Bohemian, my grandmother Ida.  She handed the 77 acres down to my father and after I inherited 74 acres and the homestead, I changed my life and moved to the farm.


Our focus now is on harvesting our juniper berries for wholesale to makers of simple syrups and eventually gin and our hot peppers for wholesale to makers of a local hot sauce. We also grow and sell seed crops from our heirloom vegetables, flowers and shrubs. We also sell pods, branches, twigs, cones, pressed flowers, dried flowers and dried herbs at farmer’s markets and on Etsy.

We hope to add a herd of alpaca this spring.bizcardNoBrown


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