A Wanderer Describes The Sea at Kenmare

A curtain of brook-soaked lambs wool beads the size of diatom welcomed by pores with open arms.
A man from Fishamble Street whose voice seeps through the floorboards swollen with tears.
A sand cast bottle of evolutionary perfume that causes the nose of a specter to run.
A gold mining pan fueled by Robert Fludd’s water screw perpetual motion machine.
A wave pattern of auburn curls encouraged barometrically and darkening.
A cockled scarf with matching ice cube earmuffs in goose feather gray.
A primordial hammock pendulumed by a polar bear’s bellows.
A scaly aroma of moss rot emanating from Cox’s timepiece.
A cradle rocked by the thermodynamic foot of an osprey.
A marble lined tin corset tied with seaweed braids.
A manatee named Eidolon’s claw-footed enamel tub.
A chilled ancestor and her tadpole scented hoop.
A liquid crow wing poured into a time crystal.
A latitudinal helmet filled with coal jelly.
A slate bed sheeted in a cellar’s cloak.
A dewdrop’s third cousin.
A tomb for a sunbeam.
A soul’s compass.
A planet’s love.
by Karen Jo Vennes

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